New News is Old News: a Wonder Women Project

Brothers and Sisters:

_gaia needs your help! It is time to dig deep. Many generous folks have already pledged their support to New News is Old News*. Please join them on Kickstarter and help _gaia complete this unique project, support the Wonder Women residency, fund the Cyprus workshop, and related exhibitions. Help them get to $8,000 by May 14.

Nicosia, Cyprus

–>_gaia only has a few weeks left. Do not delay – they need you!

Kickstarter page:

Join _gaia for the New News Is Old News exhibition on May 7th, 6-9pm at Aferro Gallery ( and post, tweet, promote their project!

Wonder Women also tweet at:
And Wonder Women blog at:

* _gaia’s current residency program, New News Is Old News, is tackling the concept of real time media and the ramifications of our evolving relationship with news. It is co-curated by Doris Cacoilo and Maya Joseph-Goteiner.

New News Is Old News | Wonder Women residency | group shot


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